Video release: Meet the Support Group of the Biomethane Industrial Partnership

Brussels, 28th of November. The Biomethane Industrial Partnership has released a video on the Support Group. The video explains the Support Group’s role and offers insights on their collaborative efforts driving the biomethane sector forward.

The Biomethane Industrial Partnership (BIP) is a public-private partnership in which the European Commission, Member States, industries, and other stakeholders team up to achieve 35 bcm biomethane by 2030. Part of the BIP, the Support Group unites twenty companies that represent the biomethane value chain across the EU.

Two Support Group companies are also part of the Governing Board, the highest body steering the BIP. Together with the European Commission, Member States and the European Biogas Association, they make key strategic decisions concerning the functioning of the BIP.

The current Support Group members are AB Impianti, Air Liquide, Biokraft, CMA CGM, Engie, EnviTec Biogas, Future Biogas, Gasum, GRTgaz, Iniziative Biometano, Nature Energy, Nippon Gases, Pietro Fiorentini, PKN Orlen, Qlab, Refuels, Scania, Snam, TotalEnergies, ViGo Bioenergy – Vitol and Yara International.

Are you curious to know how the Support Group of the BIP is working daily to achieve the 35 bcm? Interested in the challenges on the biomethane scaling journey? What are our members envisioning for the future, and how is each company contributing to the Support Group’s mission? Watch the video where the members of the Support Group tell you all about it!