Task Force 2

Accelerating biomethane project development

Task Force 2

The goal of Task Force 2 is to identify and scale up best practices, initiate creative solutions and overcome barriers to speed up investments in new biomethane projects across the value chain. This Task Force is mainly composed of companies active in the biomethane value chain.

The subgroups of Task Force 2

Task Force 2 is divided into several subgroups, each focused on specific aspects of biomethane project development:

  • TF2.1, TF2.2, and TF2.3, which collaborated to finalise the comprehensive report titled “A vision on how to accelerate biomethane project development.”
  • TF2.4, which is currently working on four deliverables. These include exploring the emerging market for biogenic CO2, assessing the use of biodegradable plastics in biomethane plants, investigating biomethane supply chain security, and compiling a report on digestate.
  • TF2.5, which is dedicated to assess logistical solutions for biomethane produced far away from gas grids.
  • TF2.6, which worked to finalise the comprehensive report titled “Accelerating procedures for biomethane permitting.” Additionally, this subgroup has taken on the responsibility of exploring best practices for connecting biomethane plants to the gas grids across the EU.

The first published reports of Task Force 2: Accelerating biomethane project development and permitting

Task Force 2 of the BIP researched key factors that can accelerate biomethane project development and investments in Europe. Read more about this in the “A vision on how to accelerate biomethane project development” report.

Furthermore, Task Force 2 analysed the barriers that often hinder effective and swift permitting procedures and identified good practices for streamlining them and thereby accelerating biomethane projects. Read more about this in the “Accelerating biomethane permitting” report.

An accompanying factsheet to the Task Force 2’s report “Accelerating Biomethane Permitting” provides a comprehensive overview of the report’s key findings.


Download the two latest reports from Task Force 2. These reports were officially launched on the 26th of October.