Video Release: Join the Webinar “Biogenic CO₂: The role of the biomethane industry in satisfying a growing demand”

Brussels, 25th of March. The Biomethane Industrial Partnership has released a video that offers a glimpse into the Task Force 4.1’s latest study on the role of the biomethane industry in satisfying a growing biogenic CO₂ demand. The study will be launched during the upcoming TF4.1 webinar, scheduled on April 9, from 10:00 to 11:10 CET.

Biogenic CO₂ from biomethane production emerges as an essential element in achieving urgent climate targets by aiding in carbon capture. Did you know that biogas typically contains 40% biogenic CO₂? Upgrading this biogas to biomethane helps capture this biogenic CO₂, providing a means to offset CO₂ of fossil origin or store the biogenic CO₂ via CCS, providing even negative emissions. As such, this process contributes to the decarbonisation of various industries, as biogenic CO₂ serves as a feedstock in sectors such as food and beverage, building materials, biopolymers, e-fuels, and others.

The study conducted by Task Force 4.1, focusing on the valorisation of biogenic CO₂ as a biomethane co-product, indicates that the demand for biogenic CO₂ could be much higher than currently expected and shows the potential of biomethane production to satisfy a significant share of this demand.

Curious to learn more? Watch the video below about the role of biogenic CO₂ as a biomethane co-product in meeting climate targets and register for the upcoming BIP webinar presenting the Task Force 4.1 study!

The agenda of the webinar can be found here.