The Governing Board

The Governing Board is the highest body steering the Biomethane Industrial Partnership, consisting of the European Biogas Association, representatives of the European Commission, Member States and the biomethane value and supply chain.

Governing Board’s responsibilities

The Governing Board takes all strategic decisions related to the functioning of the BIP, including the creation of Task Forces and their deliverables and timelines. In particular, responsibilities of the Governing Board are to:

  1.  Govern the BIP Work Programme, and modify it if and when necessary;
  2.  Appoint chairs and members for all Task Forces;
  3. Monitor the progress made in all Task Forces, ensuring that Task Forces stick to their mandate and work to finalise their deliverables within the agreed timelines;
  4. Decide when Task Force deliverables are final and when Task Forces cease to exist. In doing so the Governing Board validates the process leading to final deliverables;
  5. Have the possibility to decide on any new needs to be covered by new deliverables of existing Task Forces and/or on the creation of new Task Forces.


The Governing Board consists of seven members, including:

  • Director of DG ENER, European Commission
  • Director of DG AGRI, European Commission
  • Director of Spanish Ministry
  • Director of Irish Ministry
  • CEO of European Biogas Association
  • Snam
  • TotalEnergies

Member State representatives are foreseen to be board member for a one-year term, during the six-month period ahead of their presidency plus during their six-month presidency. Governing Board members who represent a company are appointed by the value chain
Support Group on a rotating basis, with each serving a one-year term.