Get Involved

Join the work of the Biomethane Industrial Partnership!

Why join the partnership

The Biomethane Industrial Partnership brings together EU policy makers, Member State representatives, companies active in the biomethane supply chain and other stakeholders. All with the goal to support the achievement of the target of 35 billion cubic metres annual production & use of sustainable biomethane by 2030, and to create the preconditions for a further ramp-up of its potential towards 2050.

The Biomethane Industrial Partnership got formally launched on the 28 of September during the European Sustainable Energy Week. The partnership membership is free, and is open to all interested stakeholders that align with the goal of the partnership. By joining the BIP you will be able to give valuable input and you can choose to also actively participate and support the partnership.


There are two ways to get involved

The partnership offers two types of memberships:

Associated Membership

All interested stakeholders can sign up as Biomethane Industrial Partnership associate member. Associated members are involved by:

  • Consulted on specific topics,
  • Invited to participate in specific events including workshops, organised by the Biomethane Industrial Partnership.

Associate membership is open to all and no selection criteria apply.

Task Force Membership

The Task Force membership is an extension of the Associated membership. All EU policy makers, Member State representatives, companies active in biomethane and other stakeholders that wish to actively contribute and be involved to achieving the goal of the Partnership can sign up for Task Force membership.

  • Active participation with other experts on the topics in the Task Forces
  • Task Forces will deliver on the task set out, and report to the Governing board

The work of the Biomethane Industrial Partnership will initially be structured in five Task Forces. Within each Task Force experts will work on specific pre-defined actions and create deliverables that help to achieve the goal of the BIP. Since the number of members of each Task Force is capped, a selection process will take place based on transparent criteria to ensure a diverse and dedicated group.