Task Force 2 is finalising the policy recommendations on biomethane project development

Brussels, 23th of March. On March 21, about 30 representatives of the EU biomethane value chain gathered in Brussels in a meeting hosted by the European Commission (DG GROW) as part of Task Force 2 of the BIP.

Task Force 2 analyses a number of barriers to scaling up investments in biomethane and aims to formulate recommendations on:

  • Removing barriers to biomethane production and use;
  • Improving biomethane permitting;
  • Support for innovative biomethane;
  • Creating a cross-border EU market for biomethane;
  • Biomethane supply chain security;
  • Biomethane production in areas without nearby gas grids.

In his welcome speech at the meeting of TF2, Mr. Jacek Truszczynski, Deputy Head of Green and Circular Economy at DG GROW, pointed out the important role of the value chain in scaling up the use and production of biomethane.

 Biomethane value chain members of TF2 then discussed the findings of the work done already. The conclusions from these discussions will input to the final recommendations of TF2 to the European Commission and competent authorities.

The meeting of TF2 was concluded with the speech of the Director of Mobility and Energy Intensive Industries at DG GROW, Mr. Joaquim Nunes De Almeida. He highlighted that:

“Biomethane can have important industrial applications and the production of biomethane can initiate synergies between different industries”

On the 20th of April Task Force 2 will meet again to further discuss and finalise the work and deliverables.