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Download the preview of the latest Task Force 2 reports! 

Task Force 2 of the BIP researched key factors that can accelerate biomethane project development and investments in Europe. Read more about this in the “A vision on how to accelerate biomethane project development” report.

Furthermore, Task Force 2 analysed the barriers that often hinder effective and swift permitting procedures and identified good practices for streamlining them and thereby accelerating biomethane projects. Read more about this in the “Accelerating biomethane permitting” report.

Please note that the reports will be officially launched on the 26th of October.

Task Force 4: Insights into the current costs of biomethane production

Download the latest study of Task Force 4; Insights into the current costs of biomethane production. A first of a kind study based on real industry data offering an insight in current biomethane production costs. Find the Executive Summary covering all the highlights of the study, and the extensive slidedeck with all the data below!


Task Force 1: Connecting Member States to achieve national biomethane targets, strategies and policies

The goal of Task Force 1 is to provide EU Member States with useful insights and guidelines to develop national biomethane targets, strategies and policies.

Which Member States comprise Task Force 1? What are their latest activities?

About the BIP

The Biomethane Industrial Partnership brings together EU policy makers, Member State representatives, companies active in the biomethane supply chain and other stakeholders with the goal to support the achievement of the target of 35 billion cubic metres annual production of biomethane by 2030. The partnership membership is free, and is open to all interested stakeholders that align with the goal of the partnership. By joining the BIP you will be able to give valuable input and you can choose to also actively participate and support the partnership.

Associated Membership

All interested stakeholders can sign up as Biomethane Industrial Partnership associate member. Associated members are involved by being consulted on specific topics and invited to participate in specific events including workshops, organised by the Biomethane Industrial Partnership. Associate membership is open to all and no selection criteria apply.

Task Force Membership

The Task Force membership is an extension of the Associated membership. All EU policy makers, Member State representatives, companies active in biomethane and other stakeholders that wish to actively contribute and be involved to achieving the goal of the Partnership can sign up for Task Force membership. Task Force members are involved by actively participating with other experts on the topics in the Task Forces and delivering on the task set out. The work of the Biomethane Industrial Partnership is currently structured in six Task Forces.