Join the Biomethane European Study Tour in Warsaw organised by the Polish Biomethane Organization with the support of BIP

Brussels, 4th of July. The Biomethane Industrial Partnership is thrilled to announce the upcoming Biomethane European Study Tour, organised in the context of the 2nd Forum of the Polish Biomethane Organization, set to take place in Warsaw on the 11th and 12th of September, 2024. This event is organised by the Polish Biomethane Organisation with the support of the Biomethane Industrial Partnership. 

The Biomethane European Study Tour aims to support dialogue between stakeholders from Poland and other EU countries, share insights, present the latest achievements in the biomethane sector throughout Europe, and promote the benefits and opportunities for Poland’s decarbonisation of gas fuels through biomethane. The event promotes the European Commission’s REPowerEU Plan, which aims to increase annual sustainable production and use of biomethane in the EU to 35 billion cubic meters by 2030, addressing the urgent need to reduce dependence on natural gas imports, increase energy security, and address the climate crisis. 

Poland has one of the largest sustainable potentials for biomethane in Europe. Polish initiatives, such as the recent national campaign promoting the benefits of biogas/biomethane and the potential to replace approximately 20% of natural gas imports with biomethane, underscore the country’s commitment to energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, data highlight Poland’s ability to significantly increase biogas production, supporting rural development, energy resilience, and green transformation.  

The event will feature the presence of high-level political representatives from Poland and the EU as well as key sector stakeholders. Day one includes a conference, followed by a green gas barbecue. On day two, participants will have the opportunity to visit the Polska Grupa Biogazowa TotalEnergies plant. During the conference, some of the works produced by the BIP will be presented, and a special exhibition area will be set up for companies’ best practices drawn from the work of the BIP and connected to BIP deliverables. 

We warmly invite BIP members to join this event.  

Please refer to the link below for detailed information regarding registration and the event agenda.