Watch the video on “Biomethane & Energy Communities” presented at the BIP policy session of EUSEW 2024

Brussels, 13th of June. Watch the video on “Biomethane & Energy Communities” that was presented during the BIP session “From waste to renewable energy: biomethane and renewable energy communities” at the EUSEW 2024.

Energy communities are important entities that empower citizens, businesses, and local authorities to produce, manage, and consume their own renewable energy. They bring numerous benefits to both the local community and the environment, including reducing carbon emissions, supporting the local economy and fostering social acceptance of renewable energy.

Integrating biomethane could play an important and pivotal role in strengthening energy communities crucial to our energy transition. Biomethane offers economic growth in rural areas through job creation and cost-effective waste management, creating a source of organic fertilizer, while also supporting decentralised energy supply chains. It delivers large environmental benefits by reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions. It contributes to promote energy security by lowering energy costs and fostering citizens’ commitment to the energy transition.

To realise these benefits, it’s essential to bring together local people, waste handlers, biogas producers and farmers. By fostering their collaboration, we pave the way for the creation of robust supply networks for biomethane as sustainable green gas, transforming waste and agricultural residues into a valuable energy source.

By 2050, energy communities could produce up to half of the EU’s renewable energy.