Marking two years after the adoption of the REPowerEU Plan

Brussels, 16th of May. Two years have passed since the adoption of the REPowerEU Plan. The European Commission has established an objective to reach the annual production and utilization of sustainable biomethane of 35 bcm by 2030, announcing the creation of a Biomethane Industrial Partnership (BIP). This pivotal move intended to address the urgency of diminishing reliance on natural gas imports from Russia, while concurrently mitigating the impact of high energy costs and combatting the climate crisis.

Since September 2022, the BIP has united policymakers, industry leaders, academic experts, and other stakeholders, to work together to advance biomethane development. Initially, five Task Forces were formed, each dedicated to distinct aspects relevant to the development of the sector. Recently, a sixth Task Force has been launched, specifically focusing on promoting sustainable biomethane development in Ukraine.

In a span of two years, many deliverables prepared by the Task Force have been released, both tackling obstacles and exploring future prospects. The efforts of the BIP will continue in the forthcoming years, concentrating on topics such as the scale up of biomethane projects, the mobilization of sustainable feedstock, the improvement of the business case, and the exploration of innovative technologies. These publications are publicly accessible in the BIP’s website, facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and fostering collaboration.

While the objective to reach the 35 bcm target for sustainable biomethane by 2030 remains ongoing, it can be concluded that this target is within reach.

The momentum cultivated over the preceding two years not only underscores the achievements realized thus far but also the opportunities that lie ahead. Sustained collaboration among all stakeholders remains pivotal to unlocking the full potential of sustainable biomethane within Europe’s dynamic energy landscape.