Policy makers gain in-depth insight into biomethane production at SFP Zeeland

Brussels, 27th of October. The European Biomethane Week concluded with a tour organized by the Biomethane Industrial Partnership for policy makers. This visit to the SFP Zeeland provided a unique opportunity for policy makers to gain in-depth insight into biomethane production.

Tailored specifically for policymakers, the visit to SFP Zeeland on the last day of the European Biomethane Week delved into the technical aspects of biomethane production, showcasing the plant’s cutting-edge infrastructure, innovative processes, and sustainable practices in action. The day provided a valuable opportunity for participants to engage in meaningful dialogue, network with each other, and exchange knowledge.

SFP Zeeland, with its nine digestor tanks of a capacity of 10,000 m3 each, is a testament to the scale and efficiency achievable in biomethane production. The plant boasts an impressive 99% uptime, meaning that it operates almost continuously, with very little downtime for maintenance or repairs. The tour provided insights into the plant’s key figures:

  • 400,000 m3 of feedstock input (with a minimum of 50% manure)
  • 7,000 m3 of biogas per hour
  • 5,000 m3 of biomethane per hour (equivalent to 37 million Nm3 per year)
  • 20 kilotons per year of CO2 liquefaction

The visit to SFP Zeeland underscores the importance of building a common understanding of biomethane and its multifaceted benefits. Biomethane represents a sustainable solution available now, that contributes to advance Europe’s energy independence while offering a renewable alternative that aligns with Europe’s clean energy goals.

More information about the SFP Zeeland here.


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