Highlights from the European Biogas Conference reveal the impact of the Biomethane Industrial Partnership

Brussels, 25th of October. The European Biogas Conference, held as part of the European Biomethane Week, successfully concluded today. Commissioner Kadri Simson acknowledged the impressive work of the Task Forces of the Biomethane Industrial Partnership, underscoring the importance of continuing collaborative efforts in achieving the biomethane common goal. The BIP featured a dedicated stand that highlighted its latest activities and publications from the Task Forces. BIP speakers delivered compelling speeches, underscoring the partnership’s crucial role in driving biomethane into the heart of Europe’s energy transition.

With a formidable turnout of 650 participants and insights shared by 49 speakers, the European Biogas Conference emerged as a lively platform of discussions and exchange of ideas and experiences. Policymakers, companies, academics, and other stakeholders engaged in lively discussions on the state-of-the-art of biogas and biomethane across Europe.

In her keynote address, European Commissioner Kadri Simson emphasised the need of eliminating Europe’s reliance on Russian gas, emphasizing that biomethane stands as a homegrown sustainable solution available today. She summarised the significance of biomethane with three words: sustainability, security, and competitiveness. Commissioner Simson acknowledged the impressive work of the BIP Task Forces, mentioning the swift and efficient production of their key findings that have already begun to be reflected in the National Energy and Climate Plans. Acknowledging the pivotal role of Member States, she emphasized the importance of fostering the right policy environment to de-risk and incentivize investments in biomethane production. In line with this, every energy minister was informed about the BIP’s work, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving the common goal of a sustainable energy transformation.

Topics discussed at the conference ranged from biomethane economics and Member States’ contributions to the 35 bcm goal to innovative agronomic practices and the valorization of biogenic CO2. Eight speakers from the Biomethane Industrial Partnership shed light on the pathway to accelerate biomethane production, highlighting the pivotal role played by the BIP.

Tom Howes (DG ENER), Dinand Drankier (Dutch Ministry), Joerg Fischer (EnviTec Biogas), and Laure Baillargeon (DG GROW), highlighted the EU’s determined push for a European overarching biomethane framework, the enthusiasm of biomethane companies and the essential role of Task Force 1 Member States in advancing biomethane within the RepowerEU plan. Insights from industry leaders Matti Vikkula (Biokraft) and Nick Primmer (Future Biogas) underlined existing solutions in the biofuel industry to reduce emissions and underscored the importance of sequential and rotational crops identified by Task Force 3 in achieving the RepowerEU’s target. Maria Georgiadou (DG GROW) emphasized biomethane’s potential for negative emissions, highlighting bio-CO2 valorization and bio-carbon storage as key contributors. Kees van der Leun presented the insightful study of Task Force 4 on biomethane production costs.

The Biomethane Industrial Partnership also featured a dedicated stand at the conference, highlighting its latest activities and publications from its Task Forces.


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