BIP is hosting a special event during the EUBW: a “Study Tour” to the SFP Zeeland

Brussels, 20th of September. The European Biomethane Industrial Partnership is hosting a special event on the 27th of October as part of the European Biomethane Week:  a “Study Tour” to the state-of-the-art SFP Zeeland.

A glimpse into the European Biomethane Week

The first edition of the European Biomethane Week “Countdown to 2030: from targets to action!” builds on the European Biogas Conference, the flagship event of the European Biogas Association. With the support of the Biomethane Industrial Partnership and the European Commission, this week-long event promises to be a showcase of the progress made in the biomethane industry across the EU. One of the standout events of this week is the visit to the SFP Zeeland, organized by the Biomethane Industrial Partnership, which will offer a deeper understanding of how biomethane production works.

The journey to Zeeland

The journey to Zeeland will commence with a bus departing from Brussels at 10:00 CET on the 27th of October 2023. The visit promises to be a packed day of learning, exploration and engagement. Following the tour, participants will have the chance to engage in an on-site lunch and exchange of ideas, offering a valuable opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing among them.

The objective of the visit

The primary objective of this visit is to introduce participants to the technical aspects of biomethane production, having the opportunity to witness the plant’s infrastructure, innovative processes, and sustainable practices in action. The visit will not only enhance the understanding of biomethane but also highlight the vital role it plays in reducing carbon emissions and advancing Europe’s energy transition. This knowledge is essential for ensuring the continued growth of the European biomethane sector.

About the SFP Zeeland

SFP Zeeland, located in Autrichehavenweg 15, Westdorpe, The Netherlands, is a state-of-the-art facility that produces high-quality biomethane from manure and organic residual materials. Its extensive storage capacity for liquid and solid feedstock ensures a consistent supply for biogas production, while its 9 digestor tanks can process various organic waste materials, reducing waste and emissions. The plant boasts an impressive 99% uptime, meaning that it operates almost continuously, with very little downtime for maintenance or repairs.

More about the visit and the SFP Zeeland here.

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