The Modus Operandi of BIP Task Forces has been released to guide the BIP Task Forces to effective working

Brussels, 12th of January. The Biomethane Industrial Partnership (BIP) has recently released its Modus Operandi document, which provides a detailed explanation of the working procedure of the BIP Task Forces. The document has been agreed upon by the co-chairs of all Task Forces and forms the basis for their operations.

The BIP has recently released its Modus Operandi document, which describes the way of working of BIP Task Forces. This document outlines the steps that are taken from starting up a Task Force to adopting its final deliverables. Following the creation of a new Task Force, the co-chairs of each Task Force work together to agree on the suggested deliverables and their timelines, while the Governing Board decides on the Task Force membership. In parallel, the BIP secretariat facilitates all meetings and provides support where needed.

The guidelines for writing deliverables include a brief report of up to 15-20 pages with references. A rapporteur is appointed by the co-chairs to write the deliverable, based on structured input from all Task Force members. Following two rounds of iterations, the co-chairs discuss the adoption of the deliverable and propose to the full TF to adopt it. The final deliverables will be submitted to the Governing Board for approval.

The BIP created its five Task Forces with the goal of delivering results that will contribute to achieve 35 BCM of biomethane in the EU by 2030. The members of these Task Forces have been selected based on their ability to bring a unique perspective on a range of topics, from the policies that govern the sector to the technical aspects of biomethane production. Deliverables and timelines have already been agreed within Task Forces. While Task Force 1 and Task Force 2 were already kicked off, the other three Task Forces are set to be launched in the subsequent weeks. The coming period will be exciting for all the members of the BIP, as they will work to deliver breakthrough results that will shape the future of the biomethane sector.

You can consult the full Modus Operandi document here: